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Dr. Pertsch believes it most important that your goals can be approached if not fully achieved before any treatment is undertaken. Uncompromising attention to detail coupled with judicious use of the latest technologies combine to give striking yet natural results. An earnest approach gives you full information empowering you to make the best decisions in consultation with Dr. Pertsch.

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Breast Revision

Who is a Candidate?
A consultation is best to determine the concerns, identify specific problem areas, and determine how best to achieve the patient’s desired outcome. Only when the desired end result is known can the procedure(s) to achieve that be determined.
After discussing the patient’s concerns, Dr. Pertsch performs an examination to evaluate each breast’s issues. Patient selected model images depicting the desired outcome are reviewed. Dr. Pertsch then show images of other patients’ “before and after” photos. These previous patients’ chosen solutions and results are helpful to demonstrate the range of possibilities and help the current patient narrow what might be acceptable options for herself.

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