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Often, patients are unhappy with their natural breast tissue.

Some common concerns include:

  • Sagging
  • Drooping
  • Breast tissue relaxes with a loss of upper breast fullness
  • Breast tissue relaxes off implant with excess upper breast fullness
  • Breasts are too wide and extend laterally to the side of the chest wall
  • Desiring a more youthful and perkier shape

Treatment for Native Breast Tissue Issues

Treatment for native breast tissue issues varies depending on the correction needed.

Often the breast tissue assumes a more horizontal shape with loss of anterior projection and upper fullness. Breast tissue sagging may reveal an underlying implant that now seems too high. Treatment usually involves a breast lift with a “short scar” technique involving an incision around the areola and straight down (“lollipop incision). (The “anchor” incision, with a scar back and forth under breasts is rarely needed by Dr. Pertsch anymore, although some surgeons still do this longer scar routinely!)

Treatment may involve a reduction of native breast tissue and use of a larger implant to make up for the removed tissue. A breast reduction with implants gives more desired fullness to the upper breast and minimizes reoccurrence of drooping due to less native breast tissue present. Treatment may involve reduction of the outer (lateral) breast and liposuction of the lateral chest wall to reduce horizontal transverse breast shape and give a more youthful and perkier-shaped breast.

In addition, treatment may involve reduction of areolar diameter or nipple prominence. Often, treatment involves using a higher-profile implant to give a more youthful shape.

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