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Implants can often be felt on the underside of the breast and sometimes on the lower inner or outer breast surface. This can be more palpable or even seen when a slender patient leans over. Saline-filled and older gel implants are often more easily felt than today’s form-stable “gummy bear” gel implants. Saline implants or older gel implants in too small a pocket can fold, creating palpable “implant knuckles.” Implants placed under the breast tissue only (subglandular) or submuscular placement in very thin patients are more easily perceived. Sometimes rippling can be apparent on the upper surface.

Treatment of Rippling or Wrinkling

Treatment for rippling or wrinkling usually involves replacing saline implants with newer gel implants, replacing older gel implants with newer form-stable “gummy bear” gel implants, and/or choosing higher-profile implants to reduce implant palpability outside of breast “footprint.”

For the thinnest patients or to do everything possible to reduce implant palpability, using Acellular Dermis (ACD) Strattice™ adds an additional layer to better shield the implant from perception.

Transferring from subglandular to submuscular implant location will also help to better cover the upper half of breast implant. In addition, a breast lift is often required to tighten stretched skin and breast tissue.

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